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Why choose Serena Paddle Sports

Stand up paddle boarding is all about experiencing a true connection to nature out on the water.  Serena Paddle Sports was established because of the love we have for the ocean and all water sports. 

We are proud to provide the highest quality stand up paddle boards and accessories, suitable for both ocean and flat water.  From beginning paddlers to experienced SUPers, we have a stand up paddle board to suit your needs. Whatever your vision, Serena Paddle Sports can design a custom SUP package to fit your needs  and will work to be a true partner in your business success.

Complete and Tested Solutions

Our SUPs come fully equipped with EVA deck pad, integrated handle, 3 fin system, and automatic air vent. Accessorizing a board with these necessary features would cost hundreds of dollars with unequipped boards, yet are standard equipment on all Serena Paddle Sports SUPs.

All our products have been fully tested in the real world/rental environment.  They're tough, robust, versatile, and user-friendly.  Our adjustable carbon fiber paddles are lighter, stronger, and more user-friendly than other paddles available.  Our leashes can be worn on the calf or ankle.  We supply top-quality accessories and products to support and enhance your business.

Top of the Line Designs & Material

Our factory shapes and tests our stand up paddle boards so that we can provide the highest quality product at one of the most affordable prices available.

Our Serena Classic Hard and Soft Top Paddle Boards are versatile all-around boards:  wide width stability for first time paddlers, maneuverability and control for intermediate and experienced paddlers, and a sleek tapered tail designed for control and smooth turns in flat water to ocean waves.