Open Water Racer

A client owns a rental shop in California that rents a variety of water sports equipment as well as stand up paddle boards for use in the area’s nearby lakes and river as well as the ocean. His customer base is into cutting edge products and eager for the latest and newest innovation and outdoor experience thrill.
The client was successful renting out stand up paddle boards and wanted to expand the product line and offer a premium experience. He did not want a product that was limited to a particular body of water like the ocean or wave riding, but one that was versatile to both and new in the market.
Serena Paddle Sports introduced our Open Water Racer to the client and demonstrated how the board can be used not just for racing but for long distances as well. Racing and distance boards are the latest and biggest performing product in the SUP emerging lineup and we designed a competitive package with a dozen Open Water Racers and eight of our Serena Classic Hard Tops to expand his product offering.
As soon as these boards became available in the store, past clients that wanted a different feel and challenge came back and inquired about them. After a regional outdoor game event focused and promoted this style of race board, more enthusiasm and interest came from renters. The client organized an annual paddle across the lake and paddle for life in the ocean with these race boards. He is also selling these boards and , while they are at a premium price point, the individuals that purchase them know they are spending more but getting the best quality and designs available.