What type of quantity discounts are offered with your SUP packages?

We have a number of quantity packaged discounts that will meet your business and client’s needs.  Please contact us directly for pricing.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept payments by check, wire transfer or PayPal.  Because of the custom nature of our products, payment is due when ordered.  In special circumstances we can accept orders with a minimum 60% down payment received at order and the remaining 40% paid at delivery.

What is the warranty for your Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Serena Paddle Sports offers a 100% manufacturer warranty that the product is free from defects and workmanship errors.  We are not responsible for normal usage and wear.  All of our products are custom made to order and cannot be returned or refunded. 

What is the profit potential for Stand Up Paddle Board rentals?

A 3000% return or more is possible in just the first year of an SUP rental using conservative estimates:

Board Cost: $1,000

Rental Scenario:

  • $20/hr (can be $20-$40/hr)
  • 5hr/day (can be 8hr-10hr rental day)
  • 5 days/wk (can be up to 7 day/wk)
  • 30 weeks/yr (can be year round)

$20 x 5 hours x 5 days x 30 weeks = $15,000

(Usage estimates can vary due to seasonal rentals in some areas. In areas where year round rental services are possible, or when service expansion through tours, classes, and package combinations are utilized, an even higher rate of return is possible.)

I own and operate a number of properties and want to buy Stand Up Paddle Boards from you with different logos for each location. Can I still get a quantity discount?

Yes. Quantity and packaged discounts apply to your total order.  We can customize individual boards to your specifications and you will still qualify for a large quantity order.

I have more questions.

We are here to help.  Serena Paddle Sports has experience working with many paddleboard stores, schools, and rental businesses.  We can help you every step of the way to grow your business to become successful and profitable.

How durable are your Stand Up Paddle Boards and how much do they weigh?

Serena Paddle Sports use the highest quality materials that are both lighter and more durable than competitors.  Our SUPs weigh from 22lbs – 38lbs.

How are your boards made?

We have put together a PDF overview of the process.

Do I need extra insurance to rent SUPs?

Serena Paddle Sports has worked with a number of rental and sports insurance companies that specialize in liability and equipment rental coverage and can refer these companies to your business.  Please keep in mind that business requirements vary by location and you should always check with your state, county, and local agencies to ensure that you are in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Can I customize the board with my logo?

Yes.  We will work with you to place your logo on the areas of the board where it will look best for both brand recognition and appearance.

Additional Information About Serena Paddle Sports

Serena Paddle Sports commitment to our clients: "Quality, Customer Service, Value"
Our stand up paddle boards come fully equipped with EVA deck pad, integrated handle, 3 fin system, coiled leg leash, and automatic air vent. Accessorizing a board with these necessary features would cost hundreds of dollars with unequipped boards, yet are standard equipment on all Serena Paddle Sports SUPs.
All our products have been fully tested in the real world/rental environment.  They're tough, robust, versatile, and user-friendly.  Our adjustable carbon fiber paddles are lighter, stronger, and more user-friendly than other paddles available.  Our leashes can be worn on the calf or ankle.  We supply top-quality accessories and products that can support and enhance your business and rental operation.