Serena Carbon Surfer

The original Serena Carbon Surfer is changing the perception of SUP short-boarding and taking performance to new levels.  The Serena Carbon Surfer’s outline has more width, handling higher speeds on bigger waves while providing excellent stability.  With a concave bottom, and gradual rocker, the board’s hull provides instant acceleration and turns when and where they are needed.  All your needs are in this board that excels in clean surf as well as in onshore and mushy conditions.
The Serena Carbon Surfer Paddleboard is made of a hand finished EPS foam core and wooden stringer for added strength, with 2 layers of 6 0z. carbon fiber brushed cloth from nose to tail and an extra 6 oz. layer of carbon fiberglass added in the mid-section of the board.  The bottom of the board is finished with 2 layers of 6 oz. carbon fiber brushed cloth.  The Carbon Fiber Brushed Cloth is light weight and provides extra strength and durability.
Available in Surfer Blue, Yellow, Red, Green or for an additional charge, specialized graphics.

  •  7’11 x 30 x 4 1/8
  •  8’5 x 30 1/2 x 4 ¼
  •  8’8 x 31 x 4
  •  9’0 x 31 x 4 ½
  •  9’6 x 27 x 4 1/2 
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