Serena Namaste

The Serena Namaste is the perfect board for exercise and to test your skills at Yoga and SUP Fitness.   The Serena Namaste series provides Serena’s widest and thickest platform, perfect for yoga or just some added stability. Its full traction deck pad provides a slip free surface while giving the maximum comfort of a yoga mat. Now you can take your yoga adventure anywhere.
Hard Top Boards are made of hand finished EPS foam core and wooden stringer for added strength, with 3 layers of 6 oz. fiberglass from nose to tail and an extra 6 oz. layer of fiberglass added to the mid-section of the board.  The bottom of the board is finished with 2 layers of 6 oz. fiberglass.
The Serena Namaste is a great general purpose Yoga/Fitness and Touring Board.  You will be able to enjoy it in a number of activities on the water.  This board has exceptional stability with great tracking and maneuvering on the water.
- Available in Namaste Yoga Pink, Yellow, Purple or Blue or for an additional charge, specialized graphics 

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